Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Back to the Zombies!

Another light week, with only 2 more Zombicide Zombies getting completed, as well as another Skeleton for Frostgrave.

Here we have another Walker & Runner.

I am quite aware I should be getting a few more of these done during my painting sessions, however I've never been a fast painter & am my worst enemy when it comes to distractions. 

However I also got another of the old Citadel Skeletons figures finished.

Back to my current distractions; I have 10 Mantic Ghouls on the go (we are quite short on these for our Frostgrave Campaign. I have also started work on some large slug critters from Brimstone (which I will use as either Giant Worms or create a creature based on them), most likely they will be used in 'The Worm Hunts' scenario which will be forthcoming in a couple months.

As well there is the new variant of Necromunda which has everyone in a tizzy to get kill teams done up for, so I had to stop by the local game store to see what caught my eye for that. Certainly not lacking for things to do hobbywise.

Oh & did I mention it was that time of year when the Stanley Cup playoffs are on & we actually have 5 Canadian teams in the race for it, which includes the Ottawa Senators (the team I root for).

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Frostgrave - The Silent Tower

Our campaign continues, with our 4th foray into Felstad. This week we played the Silent Tower scenario. We had 4 warbands take part.

The warbands come across a ruined tower that makes the spell users feel unsettled. They can feel that the tower is a null field, where no magic will work, & yet they know that a great treasure lies at the top.


The aftermath found the warbands with the following;

Ludwig - 130xp, 20gp & a 2 handed weapon with +2 Damage (which he sold to collect 400gp). Stefan misses next game. Ludwig suffered a bad wound requiring 100gc to heal.

Innovar - 355xp, 40gc. +2 Damage Hand weapon; Purp misses game, Innovar suffers a close call, Erot is slain.

Bob - 580xp, 20gc, +1 Ring of Protection, Tofer slain.

Eben - 290xp, 400gc; Borke misses game

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pulped in Pulp Alley

We descended on the club for another round of Pulp Alley. We were going to replay the scenario last played, where one faction (consisting of 2 groups) were to escort the Big Man across the table. The Plot points would either add or subtract movement depending who collected it.

I chose to play the trio of terror consisting of The Shadow, Hornet & Kato.

The table is set, the game is afoot!

Kato is deployed early & moves towards a plot point (the crates)

As the gangsters held the initiative, I had all my characters on board, before the onslaught of thugs. The Shadow is spotted & the bullets begin to fly!

On the opposite side of the table, the beat cops become engaged in fisticuffs.

The Hornet unlocked a plot point on the second turn. This gave the big man an extra 6" of movement.

As the police flooded the street on the opposite end, Kato forgoes snagging a plot point to lay the smack-down on Spats Mulligan

The brawl continues.

The second group of gangsters had a free hand of movement, with little opposition. However one of the shotgun armed cops engaged them.

Alas, the thugs managed to snag 2 plot points. The challenge turned out to be a bit of a joke & was easily overcome.

By turn 6, the police had failed the mission. Both the Hornet & Kato were down & out, leaving me with just the Shadow. Our after game discussion realized that allowing the second group of gangsters free reign to snag plot points was our undoing.

Until we meet again! Mwahahahaahhaha

Monday, April 3, 2017

Dragging this out

Not a super productive weekend of painting, as I took the opportunity of nicer weather to get a bunch of things primed & prepped.

However I did manage to eek out 2 more of the Zombicide Black Plague Zombies, a Walker & Fatty.

With the wealth of space on the Fatty figures I am debating trying some checker patterns, but we shall see. After these 2, there are 28 more to go, some of which are on the paint table as I type. I've also been working on glueing together some Mantic Ghouls & some Brimstone Swamp Slugs for use as Worms in Frostgrave.

Looking forward to another game of Pulp Alley tomorrow night at the club!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Momentary Lapse

Now that I've gotten back into my routine, it was time to begin getting those last Zombicide Black Plague items completed. My last count was there were 33 more Zombies to paint to complete the core game.

So here is the first 3

2 Walkers & a Runner

I have more on the paint table, however I am also working on some Mantic Ghouls for Frostgrave.

Certainly a short post this eve.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Frostgrave - Demons

As I work through the creatures from the Frostgrave core list, I came upon needing some demons. My buddy Scott brought a few of his Khorne figures to proxy. I have also picked up a few Pathfinder/D&D figures to use as well.

Demons in general can be of all sorts & shapes. So with that in mind, I've decided to track down some Nurglings for use as Imps. I may just have a blister of them stashed away someplace for use in my Carnival of Chaos for Mordhiem.

Then I had some metal GW figures. I think they are Blue or Pink Horrors. However the shifting skins & changing forms drew me as something Demon like. So I painted several for use as Demons in Frostgrave.

I opted to keep their skins shiny, to represent slick slimy skin. I was quite taken by the newer form trying to shed the outer skin, quite interesting models.

We don't currently have a Summoner Wizard in the campaign, though its a matter of time before someone goes & summons a demon.


I have some more Zombicide Black Plague Zombies drying from the dip. Should have them finished & posted tomorrow eve.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Second Game of Pulp Alley

Bruce once again brought out his Gangsters using Pulp Alley. In this scenario, the Police needed to get Mr. Big the Informer from one side of the table to the other.

There were 4 Civilian Plot Points, which when collected would either increase Mr Big's Movement, or slow him down. The Gangsters would be coming in from both sides to prevent Mr Big from tattling. Mr Big was a Major Plotpoint, & if  the challenge when contacted was successful would win the game for the Gangsters

One of the groups for the Police consisted of Hornet, Kato & the Shadow. Below Hornet moves to engage a Tommy Gun armed Gangster

Several gun duels occured on the streets, with neither side getting some sure kills. However the police snagged a plot point & allowed Mr Big to move 12".

Kato laying the smackdown on a pistol wielding ne'er-do-well

Alas, one of the Mobsters ran up & succeeded in capturing Mr. Big. Truth be told, I thought the figure on the corner was another plot point & totally ignored him, thus losing me the game.

I will lay the blame on having to run both the police factions, as we didn't have a huge showing at the club last night. Oh well, better luck next round!