Friday, March 20, 2015

Another game of Dead of Winter

A couple days late posting this, but I brought out Dead of Winter to the club Tuesday. This time we had Wiley, Emmy, Wes, Brian & myself.

The scenario we played was Home Sweet Home.

Emmy was first to play & what has become the norm, lost her first character to a Bitten result.

I also received a bitten result, which further took out Buddy. 3 Morale down on the first round..sheesh

We did manage to avoid our first crisis, but did not garner enough junk for the bonus morale.

Our next crisis, we fell short on.

This third crisis we let ride, as we were close to getting all the barricades needed built.

Sparky was finally brought low....reminded me of Old Yeller.

We did complete the scenario, & had 2 winners, Wes & Brian. Thanks folks for coming out.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

All's Quiet on the Martian Front - Mk III unit & Mk IV Monitor

Although it will appear I have not gotten much in the way of miniatures done for the game of All's Quiet on the Martian Front at Mayday, I will delve into that further.

However I did finish off another unit of Mk III Steamer Tanks as well as a Mk IV Monitor.

The Monitor consists of Resin body & Turret, with several metal pieces added. Overall not a tough model to build.

Armed with a main 7" Gun, 6x 4" Guns & a double barrelled MG.

This in effect allows a front arc volley of 5 shots, or 3 to sides or rear.

Comparison photo of a Mk II, Mk III & Mk IV. An infantryman is also placed for scale.

Front view

Rear View

I have 2 more Mk III units built & awaiting painting. The Flivers have been a long term project as they a multi-part metal & thus lots of waiting as things dried. They are almost finished, less wheels atm. (In hindsight I wish they had done the flivers in plastic).

Also the mobile artillery unit mounting for the Cannon leaves a lot to be desired. I am putting 1 together to decide how best to secure it so it doesn't fall apart. Again I wish they would have gone with plastic components for this model.

Further delays are due to the lack of any instructions on just how these are to go together. Looking in the Main rulebook hasn't been of much help as the models they have displayed for the Mobile Artillery are a different model kit. Ahh well, I will get through it.

Tuesday is club night, so looking forward to that.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another Kickstarter Arrives! & some Mk II MG's

I got a call at work from my wife stating that I had a BIG BOX arrive at the post office...needless to say it made my focus pretty single minded the remainder of the day. Now it was also club night...thus its opening would be delayed.

So to begin, I did play my first ever game of Robo-Rally at the club. Quite a fun little game where the best laid programming can be ruined by a vast amount of things.

Now onto the Parcel!

I had received my Reaper Bones II Kickstarter a few days earlier. So this was adding even more icing to the cake!

What I saw when the lids was opened.

The plethora of goodies the carton contained

And of course the closeups of the products.

These wolf guys look at all familiar? I was a very big fan of the Rackham Confrontation miniatures.... & I am sure many of those sculptors were involved with this line.

I also picked up a couple of the promo figures, although I wasn't able to get everything.

The requisite Rules book, hard bound.

There were also a couple of Zombicide characters that could be gotten through this Kickstarter...of course I had to have them!

So as my adrenaline returned to normal I finished off my unit of Mk II MG steamer tanks.

I am now working on 3 units of Mk III Steamers & then have quite a few other units to build.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Some more Zombicide Zombies

Today I finished off another 5 Zombicide Zombies.

Up first are 3 more Walkers.


As well as a Runner & a Fatty

As I switch gears into All's Quiet on the Martian Front, there is hope I may be able to get another Zombicide character or 2 completed before heading off to the Gaming Retreat.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

EWG - Dead of Winter...Again! Descent & All's Quiet for now on the Martian Front.

Quite a mixed bag of tricks this posting as several things came together this eve.

First up, I ran another game of Dead of Winter at the club last night. I had a buddy & his wife whom have been waiting for an opportunity to give this game a play.

As we had 5 people that wanted to play, I just hosted the game. So going around the table we had Bruce, Brian, Dave, Wes & Emmy.

I opted to run the initial scenario recommended for new players.

Something I find is becoming a very common occurrence. A bitten survivor dying on the first turn while heading to a location.

The game continued & I had hoped to have taken quite a few photos to tell the tale, however this is when my camera's battery decided to also get bitten.

I can say the game ended when a Survivor who returned to the compound was bitten & spread the disease, killing 2 more Helpless Survivors & dropping the Morale to 0. Wes (who was a betrayer) was the sole winner of the game.

Up next we have another Descent figure. This time Corbin. 

Lastly I finished a unit of modified Mk II's which were outfitted with sponson guns & an MG. The original engine however could not handle the extra weight & thus these tanks move a bit slower than normal.

This will be the first of quite a few All's Quiet on the Martian Front elements as I start preparing for the Mayday Games Convention. I do have some more Zombicide miniatures in the painting queue as well.

Monday, February 9, 2015

More Descent

This morning I finished the matte spray of the next 3 Descent consignment figures.

First up is Jaes the Exile who appears to be a cross between a monk & rune master

Next is Brother Gherinn who appears to suffer from some sort of malady. I am thinking priest? But at what cost?

Last is Lindel who seems to be some sort of Ranger.

I have 2 more Descent figures to complete, & then will likely be working on some more Zombicide & All's Quiet on the Martian Front.