Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cobblestone sheets for Frostgrave/Mordheim or any other Victorian Era Gaming

Kind of a catch-all title, but suited. I spent last weekend painting up the cobblestone sheets I purchased a few years ago from the Christmas Village sets.

These are often found as a strip about 5" or 6" wide, or in this case as a sheet in a tube. I bought several of these & they come as seen below, in a 2 tone brown, however they are somewhat shiny.

First step was to tone them down, so I used this Woodland Scenics slate gray, more as a wash, this paint is quite runny which would be good at later steps.

Next were 2 rounds of weathering. First with the Rain Grey/Stone Gray. The runny Woodlands scenics worked nicely with the bit thicker craft paint. This was followed by a dusting of Yellow Ocher. The finished tile is below.

Then it was time for the final test. Using it as the base for our next Frostgrave Scenario. Setting the stage early as it ensures I keep the games table clear & making sure I have all the terrain bits I want to use.

A close-up of one of the streets.

I am happy with the results, spending all told, about 6 hours on them. I have a total of 6 of these sheets which make up an approx 4'x6' playing surface.

I have seen several cobblestone mats for sale online, however due to our failing dollar & the shipping costs of getting them from Europe, figured the 6 hours was worth it. Perhaps when our dollar rebounds, a purchase will be made.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Third Times the Charm for Chain of Command

Tuesday night saw the third attempt of the allies to get past scenario 1 of the Operation Martlet Campaign.

This push saw the fog had lifted, allowing the Allies to deploy right away. The Germans were under a heavier bombardment, requiring a 5 or 6 to deploy on the first turn.

Another Churchill AVRE arrived & began shooting at buildings. As well the British Light Mortars began laying smoke.

One German squad arrived & using the rubble deployed, & opened up on the mortar team out in the open.

There were a lot of 5's rolled (4 for the Germans on 1 phase), so the turn ended, allowing the Germans to deploy everything.

The British had a few double phase turns with Scott rolling quite well this eve. He managed to run one of the squads behind a building. 

The AVRE continued to pound the Germans in the rubbled building. Eventually 2 German squads were wiped out, the second from a British Infantry charge, where the shocked & pinned Germans were overwhelmed.

A British Jeep attempted to rush across the field, but was riddled with the fire from 2 LMG's & burst into flame.

With some more multi-phase actions, the allies finally succeeded in getting a team off the German edge of the board, forcing the remaining Germans to withdraw.

On a side note, Lt Ormandy was sneaking through rubble & behind walls, hoping to get within grenade range of the Germans. However as no-one witnessed his claimed acts of Heroism & Daring, no awards were given.

In Summary, this will lead to us finally advancing the campaign to Scenario 2 next month. We will need to wait & see the after action report from Dave to determine what forces will be available.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Mausoleum & some Rubble Bits

As I continue working through the GW Garden of Morr set for our next Frostgrave game, I got the first & foremost piece completed - The Mausoleum, which will be the centrepiece of the board. Also a couple rubble piles I was trying a grey/yellow ochre/gravel coloyr scheme on.

First up the rubble piles.

And the Mausoleum.

I am quite happy with this set, there are lots of nice little details, although the over abundance of skulls is a bit typical of GW products. I guess being a graveyard its ok.

The weather was quite cooperative this past weekend & allowed me the opportunity to get a bunch of stuff primed for future painting this winter.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Another Ruin & some Scatter Terrain

With the launch of our Frostgrave campaign, it seems I am now getting distracted with working on more terrain.

This may make it appear that the blog / hobby has been neglected, but this is far from the truth. I am just busy with lots of various projects.

One which will become apparent in a future post, is the purchase of the GW Garden of Morr set, which will be showcased in our next Frostgrave game in February.

But as the title says, I did get a few pieces completed yesterday. First is some scatter terrain from one of the LOTR kits. I had a single sprue sitting out in the crawlspace. Guess it was a hint that it wanted to be painted!

I may add a bit of static grass, tufts to complete them.

As well, another of the Escenorama ruins is finished, this one used the base piece which has the barrels on them. 

I have a couple more of these ruins in the works, as well as the Garden of Morr kits & of course a few of the miniatures I need to finish for March. There will likely be some more Frostgrave related figures added to the mix as well.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Frostgrave Campaign Begins

The Outskirts of Frostgrave:

  Having formed your war band to seek the riches & wisdom said to be found in the ruins of Frostgrave; your journey begins as the fog rises & you see the outer walls in the distance. Before the walls are the ruins of farms & buildings, the sort of which oft spring up outside cities.
  As you prepare to make your way from the rise, you glimpse movement in the ruins. Your band is apparently not the only one to make a foray to Frostgrave. So begins the adventure.

There were 3 of us to launch the campaign today.

(Terry) I once again brought out Ember & Spark (Elementalist) with 2 archers, 3 thugs, 2 thieves & a man-at-arms.

(Scott) Julio & Roberto (Enchanter) with 2 archers, a marksman, man-at-arms & a thief.

(Jonathon) Malcron & Larry (Summoner) with a marksman, 2 archers,  2 thug's, thief & warhound.

 Malcron makes a run for a treasure using the hedgerow as cover.

 Julio's forces arrive & the shooting begins.

 Spark makes for some treasures away from most of the action.

 An early arrow (natural 20) finds its mark, dropping a thug.

 However picking up that chest did make for the arrival of a couple skeletons.

A bit of a stale-mate at the crossroads.

Another spawn of a couple wild dogs rushed towards Ember & a thug.

Just as the marksman felled Ember. The thug now stands alone.

The thug stood his ground, felling first one!

Then the second of the hounds...

 Two thieves scuffled over a treasure

Which was then a Telekinesis spell pulled it away! As Spark then proceeded to grab the treasure, he was set upon by the thief who had recently felled his opponent in the previous image.

After a couple rounds, Spark was removed from play. 

On the other side another natural 20 ended the day for Julio.

By this point, all of my warband had been felled or had left the field. Scott captured a couple more of the treasures & made off, whilst Jonathan successfully made off with 4 treasures.

Post battle - All treasure rolls were at -5 to the die, as these outlying areas have seen their fair share of scavengers & treasure hunters.

As well the following was determined.

Jonathan (320xp)
Both the warhound & Thug died.
4 Treasures - 220gc, 2 hand weapon w/+1 damage, Staff of Power(3), Banner of Courage, Ring of Will
Base of Operations: Inn

Scott (200xp)
Malcron suffered a nasty wound which required 100gc to heal.
3 Treasures - 515gc, Potions of Toughness & Teleport, Hand Weapon +2 Fight
Base of Operations: Laboratory
Purchased Facility: Sarcophagus of Healing

Terry (120xp)
Ember returned with just the loss of sword, Spark has a smashed leg (-1 move), 1 Thug misses next game.
2 Treasures - 88gc, Potions of Explosive Cocktail, Demon in a Bottle, Dagger +1 Fight
Base of Operations: Treasury

A good day of gaming, with no warband losing too many members. There were a couple others who expressed interest, so hopefully we see them make an appearance next month.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Chain of Command Operation Martlet

Last night at the club, we played the second attempt by the 11th Royal Scots Fusiliers to break past the German screen of Defenders during Operation Martlet.

The Germans were impeded from deploying by Bombardment, whilst the British forces were dealing once again with the Fog.

This time the allies went for a push of jump-off points along the East side of the field, close to what was now a strengthened building. They had a slow start however as initially a lone Senior NCO deployed.

The Germans were able to deploy 2 squads quickly. It then became a race to see who would reach the fortified building first.

The first full squad appears & deploys tactically with overwatch.

German squad making for the building.

The following turn another German squad deployed in the other fortified building.

 The Allies brought a Churchill AVRE onto the table & managed to damage the fortified structure to make it unsafe to remain in.

The British then began moving forward

Where they came under rifle fire from a Grenadier team hidden in the orchard.

 One of the last German units to arrive was the Panzer IV, which after missing the first shot, managed to get a KO onto the Churchill. Sorry for the blurred image. The lighting at the club isn't very good & trying to take photos can be a bit trying without a tripod. Though I could blame the concussion from the blast.

The British did land smoke onto a couple of the German units, blinding them. As they moved around the building, they ran into MG fire which finished the rifle team. At the loss of the Churchill & limited forces, the Scot's withdrew. I did not see the after action report from Dave, so cannot state the actual number of men lost in the skirmish.

The Gunner of the Pzr IV will receive the Iron Cross 2nd class for his service during the past two encounters. 

It's possible that the Royal Scots Fusiliers may have 1 more push in them, before having to hand off to the 7th Duke of Wellington Regiment.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Myth Rogues & Archers

As stated yesterday I needed to wait til tonight to get the photos taken of the next 4 Myth figures I've been painting for a friend.

Here we have the Rogues & Archers

Again these soft plastic figures have quite dynamic poses & could easily be used for other games. I believe the rat represents the female version of the rogue.

 Again there are male / female versions.


There are 6 more figures in this set that are now on the table.