Sunday, October 19, 2014

Zomtober (Week 3)

This week we have the Runner-Ups to the great Zed rising.

Both of these plastic figures are from Zombicide. I am quite sure the one on the left is listening to the Grateful Dead or Rob Zombie.

 Very short this week, as the yard lies full of leaves that need raking. Enjoy your day!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Zomtober (week 2)

As I missed the first weekend of Zomtober by being at Fallcon, I am now one day behind on the second weeks entry. But then, when has a zombie ever been on time.

So here we have 3 more walkers joining the ranks of the painted.

I have 2 Runners on the paint table & hope to spend some time today working on them for next weeks entry. The fact that they are runners may actually see them  early to week 3. One never knows...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Just too Excited to wait!

A few weeks ago one of the fellows from our club offered to spend some of his time working on a series of building pdf's I had purchased a few years ago from WorldWorks Games.

Bruce delivered the goods at the club on Tuesday. I only got to go through all that he had done last night & was going to spend the next couple of days doing some cosmetic painting along the bases of the foam core, but then I could wait no longer.

I just had to set it up, take some photo's & showcase his fantastic work on the blog.

So here are the first round of buildings for Mayhem City...funny how it is aptly named for half the title of my blog! Now it's getting really interesting!

Now most of the large blocks do not have inner floors. That's not to say they couldn't, but you would need to develop a system to insert them. With that being said, I was looking again today at the WorldWorks site & there is an Apartment Block which showcases the inside rooms, furniture & stairs....I may be making another purchase soon.

Bruce was even kind enough to build the skytrain deck & 3 cars for the Light Rail.

I know there are several sets that I bought, which have everything from the various barrels, palettes, vehicles (busses, cars, vans, motorcycles &trucks).

Some of the sets even provide interiors as seen here in the Light Rail Cars.

There are even a couple burnt out vehicle patterns. Also note some of the building sets have interior detail as well.

Bruce also built a gas bar, complete with a small coffee kiosk.

So as I make some time to paint the edges of the foam core & begin to get these terrain pieces onto shelves, I want to give Bruce another big THANK-YOU!!!

I will need to continue the momentum you've started for me.

Up next being Zomtober, I have some Zombies on the go for this next weekend's viewing.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Clay-o-rama at EWG

Last night at the club, we had 21 people out playing games. One of the fella's brought out a bunch of tins of Play-Do for a rousing game of Clay-o-rama.

This game was brought to life in the 1980's in one of the Dragon Magazines. I do recall seeing the game being played at Cangames in the late 80's, early 90's.

Each of us was given 20 minutes to create our construct which would then do battle. When completed, the game master looked at your construct & gave it skills & attacks based on what he saw.

My first construct was a simple 4 appendage critter with mouths on top. I aptly named it Shuriken.

Larry made a much more elaborate construct.

Of note is that we were also allowed to choose a special ability. I chose Bowl this round, which if I rolled an 11 or 12 on an attack would allow me to roll my opponent across the table.

Round 1 begins with 4 constructs. A construct would start with 50 points unless they chose to make missiles...each missile subtracting 5hp from the construct.

The first attacks are made

Next turn, a missile is launched. Damage of 1d6 is determined when the target is struck.

The conga-line begins.

I won the first battle.

Round 2 I created a tracked construct.

Larry created another interesting...oddity. This one gave him 2 nasty attacks. A Maw & Tail with good bonuses.

Not sure what to make of this red thing. It did bring some laughter by others attending the club night.

Wiley opted for something with a massive fist.

Again battle is joined. This round I chose the 'Poke' special ability.

Larry benefitted from this special ability, as his construct had a hard time standing up after I poked him.

I believe Wiley walked away with this Victory, though all the constructs were very low hit points when the final swings were made.

This game made for a lot of laughter (even drowning out the Brownies next door). It was a nice light hearted game & lent itself well for a club night game not needing oodles of terrain & miniatures.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fallcon 2014

Another Fallcon has come and gone, now we have the photos & memories of gaming goodness to carry on.

I headed down to Calgary with Scott & after a visit to Sentry Box & checking into the hotel, headed to the con. I spent Friday night meeting up with gaming buddies, some of which I only see at this venue.

I then got into another game of Gangsters which Bruce was running.

This time around I played a faction of FBI who were determined to clean up this crooked town. I had 2 objectives. Prevent anyone taking anything from the bank while the accountant went through the books & to get into the fire hall & get photos of the poker game taking place by the crooked cops.

Unlike the previous game we played, this time there was an actual alley for players to use to get around.

Bruce is pointing out the results of a firefight between 2 characters.

Meanwhile I was headed to the Fire Hall with the photographer. My members are in the black car.

The 'Tea' truck (filled with booze) is driving out of control with an unconscious driver. It eventually skidded to the edge of the board & stopped.

 Jonathan & Alex pose pouring over their mess.

Meanwhile I arrived at the firehall & had to attempt to revive the unconscious photographer, seems she had taken a hit on the way in. I succeeded & she was able to get upstairs & get the photos before the game ended.

The game did end in a draw with 2 of us attaining 110 points.

The next morning I played in a game of Songs & Blades of Heroes hosted by Mark & Mike.
The scenario consisted of 3 groups of Romans from the 9th Legion. They were looting a graveyard for gold & then had to drive the cart along the road to the tower.

Opposing them were Zombies in the Graveyard, the Necromancer & her Skeleton Hordes, & some groups of Dwarves.

Caesar at the bridge with a small detachment.

I played the Necromancer.

I didn't get off to a good start, ending my first turn on the first roll.

The Wagon continues to travel towards the fortification, it moved at the end of every Roman turn as long as there was a Roman Soldier in contact with it.

Having fallen behind, my force was mopping up the delaying Romans.

The Dwarves failed to stop the cart & it eventually got to the tower, giving the victory to the Romans.

I then spent the afternoon playing in a Kampfgruppe Commander game which pitted the US against Japanese in a meeting engagement.

The Japanese advance.

As it was based in 1945, it wasn't very realistic that we advanced on the Imperialists, however as this was a game to showcase the rules, we marched headlong into the US fire.

We did manage to bring a barrage down on the Priest & destroyed it. But the odds were against the Japanese as we had lost 5 units I believe of 8 to break when we called the game.

Saturday night saw me get into a game of Eldritch Horror, which we managed to win with 1 point remaining on the Doom Track. I didn't get any photos of the game, but suffice it to say, I really liked the Expedition Leader character I played. With all his ally's I had gotten, I was rolling lots of dice & even getting re-rolls on numerous abilities.

Sunday I played Descent. In this scenario we had to close 3 gates before the Boss got the Shadow Key & escaped with it.

I played Silhouette & opted for the ranged variant of the class.

I managed to get to the first gate control & managed to prevent any more Shadow Dragons from arriving.

Things were going well until that moment, then we really started getting hammered, having several characters drop.

We did however manage to eke out a victory & closed all 3 portals.

All in all another good weekend of gaming, & meeting up with old friends.

Now its onto Zomtober!